Treat Me Local is a community campaign calling for healthcare to be more localised in North East Cambridgeshire. Whilst recent successes have included the opening of the area’s first oncology unit in Littleport, residents in North East Cambridgeshire still face long travel times and costs when requiring procedures which should be delivered locally.

Treat Me Local is calling for ten pledges to be fulfilled, which can be read in full here. These range from allowing GPs to access x-rays via email to improving mental health provision for children to keeping Minor Injuries Units at Doddington and North Cambs Hospitals open from 8-8. We ask that these campaign pledges are fulfilled within the next twelve months.

Our local GPs are under considerable and growing pressure. Health demands are increasing with an older population, more complex and chronic conditions, and more advanced treatments.  This brings an inevitable tension between access, quality and affordability.

Caring for the growing challenge particularly of diabetes, dementia, and depression requires better integration of our health and social services.  Too much treatment remains in our hospitals when it can and should be delivered within our local community.

Treating patients locally brings significant benefits.  It saves travel time, transport costs, reduces the time patients have to take off work, makes it easier for family and friends to attend to support patients, and is less tiring for patients.  Too often services continue to be delivered in hospitals simply for historic reasons.

The purpose of the campaign is to call for the quicker introduction of localised treatment to avoid unnecessary trips to hospital, and to call for a fairer funding allocation to reflect the health needs of North East Cambridgeshire. 

This campaign requires action from the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Clinical Commissioning Group, which buys healthcare services on behalf of patients across Cambridgeshire.  It also challenges NHS England, who pay for specialist hospital services and manage the GP contracts, and Cambridgeshire Public Health and the Health and Wellbeing Board, with responsibility for preventative healthcare and addressing health inequality.

The campaign sets out ten aims chosen following a series of meetings with GPs from each of our towns.  These can and should all be delivered within the next twelve months. This campaign will not resolve all of our health challenges, but together represents a series of practical improvements for patients and our GPs.

Your support is now required to demonstrate the grassroots support for change through a Parliamentary Petition which will be presented to the House of Commons.  This will ask the Government to put pressure on the local health managers to deliver the ten changes identified.

People often say that they feel the needs of the Fens are forgotten, and that Cambridge and the south of the county get more funding.  Well now is the time to be heard.  As a community we need to ensure our health needs are given greater priority.  Please register your support by signing up today.